Brake caliper refurb

HUGE YEAR WARRANTY on refurbished brake calipers? Specialist brake caliper refurbishment company, get the standard free finish or upgrade to high-end. Brake caliper refurbishment, repair and painting specialists.

Professional service with fast turnaround. Don’t buy brake calipers, refurb instead. Welcome to Bigg Re the leading UK Brake Caliper Remanufacturing and Component Specialist, with over 100caliper components in stock, which Bigg . Brake Caliper Refurbs specialise in brake caliper refurbishment.

Full brake caliper refurbishment with repaint in the same or different colour. A few years ago I had my brake calipers re-powder coated by a friendly guy on here who used to own a 9gt2. Anyway, they came back full of grit so then .

A small UK company based in Long Eaton specialising in the refurbishment of brake calipers both cosmetic repairs and servicing, Oem colour matches or . A simple refurbishment of the calipers is an inexpensive way to ensure that the brakes are always in working order. Our caliper refurbishment service goes beyond the functional refresh of a rebuil also giving your calipers a cosmetic makeover so they look as well as behave .