Brazil plug type

It is based on the international standard 2V household plug system, called IEC . Apr 20- There are types of plugs in use today, each of which has been assigned. Oct 20- I am heading to Brazil soon and am wondering which type of plug adapter I will need to take with me.

I have read several posts about it but am . Used in: Brazil (see complete list of countries on the right). There are two variations of the Type N plug, one rated at amps, and one at amps. In Brazil the power sockets are of type N. Brasil uses 2-pin plugs, though the socket type was changed a couple of years ago so you could encounter either type but the same adaptor . Report for using plugs from United Kingdom in Brazil. Grounded Universal plug adapter with the patented universal receptacle design that accepts plugs from most .

Dec 20- In this case, you will need a plug converter that switches it to your outlet type which can be the old Brazilian or new Brazilian style.