Computer duster

Gas duster, also known as canned air or compressed air, is a product used for cleaning electronic equipment and other sensitive devices that cannot be cleaned . Jan 20- Best Answer: When someone inhales the compressed gas it paralyzes them for a few minutes and gives them the high feeling. Apr 20- The only few times Bunny has done Nowas from a can of Computer duster (Aside from the times at the dentist) Bunny doesn’t want to make a .

Feb 2015Does anyone have any experience using inhalants such as keyboard. Sep 2013Question – Computer duster drug test? Jul 2012Health – Computer Duster Huffing – Page 2Feb 2007More from drugs-forum.

Dust Off Compressed Air Computer TV Gas Cans Duster 10oz . Buy Dust-Off Electronics Duster, Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster, 10oz Can, Perfect Duster . I try computer duster huffing to see what the appeal is for kids. I like getting high, but I hate to smoke so computer duster might be the.

Computer duster, also known as canned air is a product that is used to clean air out of delicate computer parts. It is also commonly abused as an inhalant drug, . Apr 20- A: Computer duster is the term used for products sold in cans that expel a gas when the trigger is pressed. May 20- Anyway, I’ve tried nitrous whippits (my fav) and a couple other things, but I just read earlier today that the canned air computer dusters can be . Oct 20- So I showed my dad how to use computer duster today.

You’ve got to hold it two inches aways and you’ve got to hold it completely. FALCON Pack DUST OFF Compressed Air Computer TV Duster Laptop Keyboard.

Falcon Compressed Air Gas Duster Cans Computer Dust Off 10oz Keyboard. Falcon Dust-Off – Compressed Computer Gas Duster Canned Air, oz – Packs. Shop our selection of air dusters for a highly targeted method for removing dust from the most sensitive areas of your computer and gaming equipment.

Duster can be obtained at places like computer stores, Walmart, and Home Depot. Usually it’s locked up, so you have to get a buyer or find a place that leaves it . Use the power of canned air to keep your electronic devices dust-free. Find the right product for your PC, Mac, tablet or computer accessory at BestBuy. Jun 20- When someone huffs computer duster, does whip-its or any other inhalant, the effect on the brain is immediate, intense, and short-lived.

You expect two things out of your PC or consumer electronic equipment: Performance and reliability. OfficeMax brand pressurized gas dusters are ideal for removing dust and particles from computers or sensative electronic equipment in your home or office.