Digital speed camera

Feb 20- A new digital Truvelo speed camera is being installe known as D-Cam which is short for Digital Camera. Feb 20- HADECS speed camera is the latest speed camera to hit the UK’s roads. HADECS which is short for Highway Agency Digital Enforcement .

Oct 20- The Truvelo is a forward facing speed camera, the main advantage of which is. A new type of digital Truvelo camera is now being installed at . Truvelo D-Cam describes a family of digital speed and red light cameras that are available with differing speed measurement technologies. Jun 20- New ASE cameras will be installed and switched on in Birmingham and.

The routes of the digital average speed cameras are as follows:. Nov 20- Norfolk is getting five new digital speed cameras, it has emerged. Dec 20- New generation of speed cameras sees the number of fines reach the highest level since the Coalition came into power.

Jun 20- The new camera technology on trial in west London is aimed at reducing the number of casualties on the roads. Jun 20- New average speed cameras are weeks – not days – away in the West Midlands despite signs appearing to suggest they were imminent.