Ethic pandemonium deck

Online Stunt Scooter shop Ethic Pandemonium Deck – Trans Black – 4. Introducing one of the most anticipated . The Ethic Pandemonium Deck was built to be as versatile as possible. Arthur rides and gives an overview of the new Ethic Pandemonium Deck! Ethic hails from France with industry legand Kevin Demay at the helm.

Kevin has worked with and designed entire product ranges for many top brands in our . After years of improvement, Ethic’s newest fury is lastly dropping, and they’re. Their objective with Pandemonium was to supply a brand new sort of deck: they . Ethic Pandemonium Deck – The long awaited Pandemonium Deck is finally here and its fantastic. The Ethic Pandemonium deck is another piece of engineering brilliance from Kevin Demay’s brand Ethic. A message straight from Ethic DTC: After years of development, our latest fury is finally dropping, and we are proud to bring such an amazing piece to riders . Ethic DTC Pandemonium Scooter Deck Black 530mm£169.

Ethic DTC Pandemonium Scooter Deck Black 570mm£169. Ethic Pandemonium DeckPandemonium Technical specifications :Material : Alu 60T6Length : 5mm (2 inch)Width : 1mm ( inch)Angle : 83°Colors: . Det tog Ethic år att ta fram detta revolutionerande deck. Inget blir längre det samma efter denna nyhet från Ethic! The Ethic Pandemonium deck is incredibly well balance and is made with 6061-Taluminum. Buy the new Ethic Pandemonium trick scooter deck, featuring an improved design and bigger dimensions that make for a lighter, stronger deck.

The Ethic Artefact Deck is an entry level deck from Ethic DTC.