Facet fuel pump

Motor Components LLC, Facet-Purolator fuel pumps. Facet fuel pumps – universal electric fuel pumps from Facet. Replace mechanical pump with Facet solid state pump, facet red top pump, facet posi-flow.

The solid state fuel pumps from Facet are a compact design for use with carburettor equipped engines or as a supply pump to a fuel swirl pot. A versatile range of solid state fuel pumps which are designed for use with carburettor equipped engines and can be fitted anywhere in the fuel line. For Facet Fuel Pumps High Performance Components Visit Glencoe – The European Warehouse And Partner For Facet. Some time ago I wrote Facet, asking about why my pump was making such noise. The reply was quite interesting, so I thought I would share it, . Racers have relied on Facet electric fuel pumps for many years.

We can usually cross-reference your Facet part number to one of our pumps.

Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Facet Car and Truck Fuel Pumps. FACET SOLID STATE ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS These pumps measure less than 3inch in any direction and weigh only oz. Jun 2014Fuel Regulator On Facet Fuel PumppostsApr 2014Facet Fuel Pump Location – Problems, Questions and.

Nov 2010Facet Electric Fuel Pump Odd Noises. Facets’ versatile range of fuel pumps are designed for carburettor equipped engines. This latest variant now has solid state technology to provide superior . Facet cylinder fuel pumps and solid state cube fuel pumps, boxed kits and a wide range of fittings.

Visit the Speedflow website to purchase or to see the whole . Our range of Facet fuel pumps includes solid state fuel pumps, cylindrical pumps, mounting kits, pump adaptors and brackets. Designed to replace original equipment on carburettor equipped vehicles. Solid state design ensures reliable long life, freedom . Facet Solid State Fuel Pumps – These solid state pumps measure less than 3” in any direction, they weigh only ozs.