Gardx protection reviews

Feb 20- Anyhow, the dealer is pushing Gard-X at £299. Now I know nothing about this stuff, but assume it’s a bit like Supaguard etc. GardX – Cosmetic Accident Repair Solutions (C.A.R.S.) .

Jun 20- As is the way these days, there’s a variety of ownership packages we could take up, including a Gard-X protection lacquer on the car exterior . Autoglym challenged whether the claim The GardX paint protection system will. GardX Protection Ltd (GardX) believed it was obvious that any High Street car . Gardx honest opinions GTI Golf MKGeneral Discussions. Now I can begin the the research to get proper paint protection! Sep 20- When we ordered the car, we were told that Gard-X was excellent and it only needs to.

Found quite a lot of advice and product reviews.

Sealant is often classed as first stage protection, wax as last stage protection (LSP), . This turned out to be Gardx paint protection, which they said is ‘applied to all their cars and isn’t optional’! GardX available at Thames Motor Group If you are looking to protect your. I had my Csupplied with this ‘GardX’ protectant on the paintwork and. Car Paint Protection Reviews of the leading manufacturers Supagar. Gardx – Lifetime Guarantee with no advantage over Diamondbrite; Tribos – Year . Dec 20- They are trying to offer gap and guard x protection.

I can see that the gard x is cheap enough and plenty of sellers. Aug 20- Endorsed by manufacturers like Citroën and Kia, GardX is a two-stage protection process that permanently etches four layers of sealant into . The cars colour is Red and he advised getting this GardX paint to stop it fading. Search deals, vouchers, merchants, reviews and more. GardX Waxes, Sealants Paint Protection.

The dealer is pushing ‘GardX’ treatment to be done to the car, at a price of a couple of hundred . Gard-x leather protectorpostsMar 2016GardX – Waxing afterwards? Aug 20- I have read good and bad reviews on this product and others and at. Mkthe dealership are trying to sell me Gardx protection for interior and . This video indicates the benefits available to you when you use Gardx protection.

Before buying a new product, we do our research and read reviews. We look at the GardX Protection Reviews and compare to Protektiv. Aug 20- I’m tempted to try and beat them down on the price, but is this GardX thingy.

As others have sai avoid the paint protection from your dealer.