Hang glider for sale uk

Demo of my PXP Evo 1paramotor for sale. The booking fee is knocked off the price of the strip. New and second-hand hang gliders for sale.

New UK importer Carl Wallbank (Moyes UK) is keeping prices as low as . It is in super condition, and I may decide to keep it myself, if my short-roofed new car doesn’t support my gliders properly. Suitable for a beginner – You cannot just buy a hang glider and go to a hill. Hang glider for sale: Micro Alti + Altimeter Vario. United Kingdom Gauloises Blondes Hang Glider Pin badge.

Hang gliders are unpowered wings that can be foot launched from hills,. Hang glider pilots can be launched from hills facing into win winches on flat.

The UK record for distance currently stands at over 250km and for altitude at an astonishing 1000ft. We do sometimes have second hand machines for sale. The Peak District Hang Gliding Centre is the longest establihed hang gliding school in the UK. Besides a glider you will also require a harness and helmet. Price £7- £12depending on condition.

Aug 20- UK-based hang gliding company, Avian, is up for sale.