High mileage cars

Mar 20- It’s all too easy to be tempted by a hardly run-in Ferrari, but it’s high-mileage metal that can really be a wise choice. Sep 20- In your experience what is high mileage for a petrol and a diesel car. A one owner yr old petrol car that has done 150k motorway miles is .

Jan 2016Whats the highest mileage car you would (should) buy? What is the most reliable high-mileage car? Find a high mileage on Gumtree, the #site for Cars for Sale classifieds ads in the UK.

High mileage is all relative, one of the best cars I’ve ever owned was bought months old with 30miles on the clock. Jun 2011Buying a car with high mileagepostsJun 2011What is high mileage on a car? Efficient petrol car for high annual mileage – what do you recommend?

Jul 20- Mileage should not be an issue, provided the car has been looked after properly.

As we have said many times here, a higher mileage average . Jump to High mileage – Some car manufacturers support a high mileage club. For example, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz have a High Mileage Award . Indee CarLease UK have a number of competitive high mileage car leasing offers. Why Does High Mileage Car Leasing Benefit Me?

High Mileage Contract Hire for a Business. Mar 20- There’s never been a better time to buy a high-mileage luxobarge.

However, if it has been properly maintaine the starship car probably . Aug 20- There is good reason why popular high-mileage cars tend to come from a limited number of manufacturers, so Nick Golding looks at the trends . Jun 20- Honest John thinks that a BMW 118d is the best choice for high miles. Mar 20- Higher mileage means they have been used more, which then means. I’ve run cars into fairly high mileages and have had relatively few . Volvo cars have long had the reputation of being able to endure high mileage with little difficulty, and with great reliability.

Feb 20- This car and its owner were awarded a Guinness World Record for “highest vehicle mileage” in May 201 and last time we checke Irv was . Readers share stories of cars with 2000miles or more. High mileage cars are becoming more common these days due to commuter workers. Personally, I’ve done almost 20miles in my car and I’ve only been .