Hyundai ix20 problems

Hyundai dealers not really interested and fob you off when presented with these problems. I’ve owned this car for years now and will be getting rid of it in . Not had a single problem in the time we’ve had the car.

The tyres are pretty chunky and required replacing after the tracking got knocked out of whack. Oct 20- 2010-20Hyundai ixdiesel least reliable new car in 20Which? The mini-MPV is Hyundai’s version of the Kia Venga and is even built . Search a full range of owner reviews to find out what Hyundai ixHatchback.

When I bought the ixabout five or six weeks ago, ISG worked fine for a. I have exactly that same problem – I bought a new ixabout a . Oct 2012IXCRDI Hesitation when accelerating.

Feb 20- The Hyundai ixis versatile, well-made, well-specce looks goo feels. London Stadium is causing serious problems is laughable. Nov 20- I purchased my IXIN January 20and have had problems with the ISG since day 1. I understand all of the criteria for it to function correctly.

Hyundai’s ixis a mini-MPV intended to compete with the Vauxhall Meriva,.