Lasham gliding club

Learn to glide, fly here on a comprehensive gliding courses or purchase a Trial flight as a gift voucher. UK’s largest Gliding club: just west of London. Jump to Lasham Gliding Society – Lasham Gliding Society (LGS) was established in 19to unify operations of the gliding clubs that had been operating .

Lasham Gliding Society, Lasham, United Kingdom. Gavin had some experience of gliding at the Yorkshire Gliding Club in his youth. Aerotows: Winch Launches: Motor glider: Days Available (All Year): MON,; TUE,; WED . Lasham Regionals, Sat 28th May – Sun 5th June. Situated on Lasham Airfield; home of the world famous Lasham Gliding Society, the largest gliding club in the worl the Gliding Heritage Centre is open for visits . You can receive the Lasham weather forecasts by email.

Probably the largest Gliding Club in the worl Lasham has a large fleet of basic and advanced training gliders.

Mhz (Operated by arrangement with ATC Lasham Ltd). As it is primarily a gliding club, you may only visit Lasham in connection with . Aug 20- A new initiative to help aspiring young pilots into a career in aviation has been launched by CTC Aviation, the Air League and Lasham Gliding . Lasham airfield is the home of Lasham Gliding, the largest gliding club in Europe (or so they say!) where you can have a gliding experience and gliding lessons. We are the junior members of the Lasham Gliding Society, a BGA approved Junior. Lasham Gliding Society, if you join our club it’s not expensive either!

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Lasham looked no nearer and on looking down vertically we . Aug 20- Airline pilot training and resourcing organisation CTC Aviation has partnered with the Air League and Lasham Gliding club to help aspiring . Lasham Aerodrome is located in the Hampshire Downs. Lasham Gliding Society in conjunction with Lasham Air. The University of Surrey Gliding Club is based at Lasham Gliding Society in Hampshire. Lasham is one of the largest glidng clubs in the .