Licence counterpart

Jul 20- The paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence was abolished on June 201 so how you view your licence information has changed. The paper counterpart to a driving licence has had no legal status since June 2015. You should destroy yours if you have one, but keep your.

Jun 20- From today (June 2015), the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence is being replaced by an online service. Drivers still need to keep their actual driving licence, whether it is a plastic photocard licence or an old style paper licence which was issued before 1998. Jul 20- The counterpart driving licence gets abolished from Monday June – so here’s how to hire a car without the paper counterpart. Jul 20- The UK paper counterpart driving licence is no more – we explain what the changes mean for you.

Jun 20- That paper driving licence counterpart is being abolished in June 201 so a UK driving licence will consist of only the photocard from that date. Jun 20- A year ago we said goodbye to the paper counterpart of the photocard driving licence and hello to the service that does it all. Jan 20- We’re advising drivers to destroy their counterpart after this date.

Jul 20- In the biggest change since the introduction of the photocard licence, the DVLA officially abolished the green paper counterpart driving licence . Since June 201 the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence is not valid and will no longer be issued. Existing counterparts should be destroyed. As of June 201 the paper counterpart to the UK photocard driving licence is no longer valid or issued by DVLA. When you now go to pick up your Sixt car hire, you need to provide us with a unique code issued by DVLA which you can find more about below. Oct 20- If you have a photocard licence, the paper counterpart that goes with it is being abolished from the middle of 2015.

On June 201 the paper counterpart to the UK driver’s licence is being abolished.

From then, Avis Budget Group will not require customers to present this . Mar 20- The paper element of the driving licence is being scrapped in June. Readers who only have the paper counterpart of the licence ask what they . DVLA will no longer issue the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence. From June 201 existing paper counterparts will no longer have any legal . From June 20the paper counterpart that used to accompany driving licences are no longer valid and are no longer issued by the DVLA.

Jul 20- If you need to update your name, address or renew your existing licence, you will be issued with a new photocard only – the paper counterpart . All driving licences issued by Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) are now issued in EU format – a plastic photocard and a paper counterpart. The trouble you have encountered while trying to use your paper driving licences as ID may have arisen because the paper counterpart to all .