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These registrations are dateless and can be assigned to any appropriate vehicle registered within mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Search and buy from millions of personalised number plates direct from the. Please click View for a selection of Northern Ireland (NI) registrations that can be .

We sell personalised number plates owned by clients, previously unissued DVLA personalised registrations, previously unissued DVLNI private number plates and. Dateless, Irish and Suffix Number Plates . If you’re interested in a personalised DVLNI registration mark from Northern Ireland then these great value plates start from as little as £plus vat and transfer . Personalised Number Plates are cheaper at New Reg. Find Registration Marks Number Plates.

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DVLA number plates and private number plates. New Reg also sell Irish Number Plates and Northern Ireland Registrations. Speedy Reg (est 1984) sell Private Number Plates, Personalised Number Plates and have the largest stock of Northern Irish Number Plates available to buy . Northern Irish Number Plates are dateless and can be transferred to any UK vehicle. The DVA manges vehicle licensing and number plates for Northern Ireland.

DVLA Number Plates, Personalised Private Car Registrations . Welcome to Eagle Reg, Northern Ireland’s premier supplier of personalised number plates.

Over a period of more than years, we have sold over 25000 . We have Irish number plates for sale, a cheap way to personalise your vehicle. Search our NI plates category, from pounds or phone our friendly staff, days. To view our own Stock of NI and GB numbers just type STOCK into the FREE SEARCH box and click SEARCH. The DVLA Northern Ireland Number Plates is a great way to hide the age of your. Unlike reg plates in other parts of the UK, these Northern Ireland number.

You are in any way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. Find a number plate in Northern Ireland on Gumtree, the #site for Other. FOR SALE NUMBERPLATE PERSONALISED NORTHERN IRISH NUMBER PLATE. Cheap Number Plates car registrations frm £3 personalised DVLA car.

Search million Cheap DVLA Personalised Car Number Plates From £35! DVA Irish plates for Sale in Personalised Number Plate auction Sale announced. You may be more familiar with the terms private registrations, personalised car numberplates or even just private plates.

The truth is that the older number plates . Buy personalised registrations from DVLA and assign them to a vehicle – renew or update. You can transfer a Northern Ireland registration number between vehicles registered at DVLA. Number plates, vehicle registration and log books. Cheap Irish number plates available with a selection of NI Plates – search for a. Find a great selection of personalised number plates for your vehicle.

Whether it be personal, trade or gifts, our partners have the best offers for you. PRIVATE IRISH NUMBER PLATES AND PERSONAL CAR REGISTRATIONS- UK AND IRISH CHERISHED number plates for sale DIRECT FROM SWANSEA .