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Get the perfect carrier feet and roof bars then add options. Enter your car details and we’ll show you what fits. The load bar with a unique tri-slot design for fitting of multiple accessories.

Whether it’s heavy or light cargo, our roof rack cross bars always guarantee safety, security, and style. Buy Thule roof bars and racks at the lowest prices. Available for all makes and model of car to mount roof boxes or bike carriers.

Discover the amazing range of Thule roof bars, Thule cycle carriers, Thule roof boxes and Thule roof racks available at Halfords. Want to buy roof bars or roof racks for cars? Always get a perfect fit with Thule Aero Bars.

The length of the roof bar is determined by the width of your car.

However, for most of Thule’s load carrier systems¬†. Thule feet mount on vehicle roof or onto existing factory siderails, tracks or fixpoints. Feet hold the load bars and are sold in 4-packs. Load bars are attached to Thule feet and are positioned across the roof creating attachment points for Thule accessories.