Scooter for two year old

You can get scooters for kids as young as year old. I have to admit we didn’t buy my son a scooter until he was years old and I thought this was young but . Child (1-years) (14) Teen (13-years) (5).

May 20- hiya a think the best scooter for a two year old is the one with two wheels at back for balance, my son had a bob the builder one and his cousin . Apr 20- Hi, now summer is on it’s way, and also it will be my sons 2nd birthday in june, i would like to buy him a scooter. I bought this for my year old son for Easter. I was worried that he may be a little too young to use it but it has been the best toy we have ever bought for him. Shop our selection of stunt scooters, electric scooters more.

It will see them through to about 12-years-old and it steers like a bike, . She has very good motor and coordination skills and is very tall for her age (99+ centile).

Would it be ridiculous to buy my tall almost year old the maxi. Dec 2012Balance bike or micro scooter for (just) year oldNov 2011Scooter for year oldApr 2011can a year old cope with a 2-wheeled scooter? We stock micro scooters, electric and inline scooters.

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