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Registration Details; Personal Details; Complete. We will provide a valuation for the registration you wish to sell. We might also want to buy your number plate for our premium stock list in which.

If you wish to sell your personal registration plate then visit our Number Plate . Sell your personal number plate for the best possible price quickly, easily and with minimal of fuss on our Sell Your Plate section of our site. Enter your reg and be issued a quote instantly – we’ll advertise your registration for. If you have a registration you want valued – optionally with an aim to sell it . You will not find another dealer advertising a registration mark or number plate cheaper than New Reg.

Motor Marks Cherished Numbers and Personalised Registration Plates are. If you have a private plate that you would like to sell outright rather than have us .

We sell personalised number plates owned by clients, previously unissued DVLA personalised registrations, previously unissued DVLNI private number plates . We carry an extensive stock of our own registration numbers at highly competitive prices. We also sell private registrations owned by our clients. A relative has asked for my help in selling a personalised number plate.

I would appreciate any advice on how to get the best price and any . Finding out the true value of your number plate isn’t as tricky as you might believe. At Primo Registrations we are able to help you sell private number plates by .

Government body responsible for the licensing and registration of vehicles. Includes a Welsh language version, classic and custom sale guides and auctions. Buy personalised registrations from DVLA and assign them to a vehicle. If you are considering selling a personalised plate, the most important thing to get. The number of registration plates issued in a given range influences the . Advertise your car registration plate for FREE through Plate Master and get top prices for private number plates, contact us for a free valuation today.

DVLA introduced a new facility allowing a private number plate to be. Sell private plates with Platehunter and get the best prices for your cherished number. Platehunter is the best place to sell a number plate and have it visible to . Jan 20- Selling a personalised plate can be an extremely lucrative business.

For other plates, you can go to auction sites, dealers or look for private ads. Change your name to match the registration you already have :). Whether it be personal, trade or gifts, our partners have the best offers for you. What would I need to get a personalised reg onto my car?

How to sell your number plate privately and save money.