Selling personalised number plates

A valuation from Regtransfers will give you an idea of the value of your registration number. Carreg put Buyers Sellers Of car number plates together via our simple matching service. A relative has asked for my help in selling a personalised number plate.

I would appreciate any advice on how to get the best price and any . Search and buy from millions of personalised number plates direct from the DVLA, including auction plates and cherished plates. A free, no obligation, online valuation service for pricing your number plates. All aspects of buying and selling number plates such as buying from a number plate dealer, offering a personalised number plate for sale, buying from a private . Buy personalised registrations from DVLA and assign them to a vehicle – renew or update the V7entitlement certificate, registration.

Buying from a private number dealer or private sale. Number plates, vehicle registration and log books.

You will not find another dealer advertising a registration mark or number plate cheaper than New Reg. Fin buy and sell private number plates direct from Plates4less, VRM Swansea. We sell personalised number plates owned by clients, previously unissued . Jan 20- Selling a personalised plate can be an extremely lucrative business.