Shoei xr 1100 visor

Other Items in Shoei XR11Visors Pinlocks. Shoei Visor CW-Fits Qwest, XR11,X-Spirit II. Most dark tinte black, mirrored and iridium visors are NOT for road use.

Genuine Shoei visor: Raid II, XR 100 X Spirit, Multitec. Shoei Visor CW-Dark Smoke – Pinlock Ready(NOT ROAD LEGAL). Genuine Shoei visor ONLY clear light smoke are road legal. Visor for Shoei XR-110 X-Spirit and Qwest: Replace your Shoei visor with this genuine visorĀ . Visit our Car Motorbike Store for a wide selection of top products, including car parts, travel essentials, maintenance tools and much more.

Pro-Visor Black Visor Fits Shoei XR10X-Spirit Raid CX1V Pinlock Prepared:. Shoei CWXR-110 X Spirit Qwest Helmet Clear Visor.

Shoei CW-Dark Smoke Visor Tinted Helmet Pinlock Qwest XR-11X-Spirit II 2. The largest selection of genuine Shoei Motorcycle Helmet visors are available to order from racevisors.