Skid pan course

Please bear with us, the website is currently undergoing maintenance but we expect to be back online shortly. In a safe and controlled environment you’ll develop the skills needed to correct and control a sliding car, a situation many encounter on the . In a safe and controlled environment we will help you develop the skills needed to correct and control a sliding car, a situation that you may encounter on the .

Oct 20- Take either our standard or intensive skid course on our skid pan driver training courses at Castle Combe Racing Circuit, near Chippenham, . Take the challenge of our Intensive Skid Pan Driving Experience at our realistic skid pan at Castle Combe Racing Circuit, near Chippenham, Wiltshire. These skid pan training courses are great fun whilst giving you practical experience in controlling your car in the event of a skid. There are significant benefits of taking a skid pan course.

People usually only experience a significant, serious skid in a terrifying, real life situation. Our various Skid Control Control Course options are a unique opportunity to have fun whilst offering the opportunity to develop possible accident prevention . Develop you understanding of out of control situations drivers experience and overcome your instinctive reactions to learn how to recover a slide on this skid .

This is how we like to describe our Skid Control Course. Skid control training takes place at the home driving experiences in Scotland where everything was built . Skid pan training courses to give you all the skills and confidence you need to take back control if you ever find yourself in a skid. Skid Pan Lessons in the midlands area using the latest Scandinavian designed skid frame fitted to a family car. Learn to control a skid on this skid control driving experience and get skid control lessons on a skid pan from a qualified and experienced instructor in the art of . How to Control a Rear Wheel Drive Car on a Skid Pan? If your’e looking for gift ideas then Virgin Experience Days can offer a range of gift experiences such as skid car control experience.

Skid control driver safety training for individuals and small groups, fleet driver training (company courses), snow and icy road driving, wet road and skids, on a . In addition to our regular review observed drives, we also offer access to other driving-related courses, including Motorway Guidance and Skid Control. Learn from behind the driving wheel with a professional ex police driving instructor. Get real life skid experience at our Essex based Skid Pan. Learn and master those driving skills needed when you skid in hazardous conditions such as snow, .