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The SKULLY AR-is the first HUD helmet to feature a built-in 180-degree, Blindspot Camera and Heads-Up Display for unparalleled situational awareness and . It might sound pricey for a helmet you’ve never heard of, but the Skully AR-is undoubtedly the most innovative . Jul 20- Skully was on the path to revolutionise in-helmet display systems with. UK motorcyclists are wearing crash helmets that ‘need to be . Aug 20- The Skully AR- a high-tech helmet aimed at making motorcycle riding safer by letting riders see what’s behind them, is now available for . Jul 20- With a 180° rearview camera, Bluetooth and futuristic styling, Skully Helmets is bringing a fighter pilot-style Heads Up Display to your everyday . MotoRetro Follow me at the social links below. Aug 20- The Skully AR- a high-tech helmet aimed at making motorcycle riding.

Aug 20- The new Skully AR-promises to be the first augmented reality motorcycle crash helmet.

Home Skully AR-Augmented Reality HUD Helmet . Jul 20- Skully heads up helmet review. Reviews Skully heads up helmet review. The next gadget to take crowd-funding sites by storm is the Skully AR- a smart motorcycle helmet that needed to raise $250by . Jul 20- Skully has crashed and burned. Last week TechCrunch came to you with the dramatic departure of AR helmet maker Skully’s CEO and co-founder Marcus Weller and now several sources from inside the company tell us the startup is no more.

The site is still up for now but it says. I haven’t left myself much to say here, have I. Seriously contemplating buying what would be the most expensive helmet I’d own in my . Aug 20- The self-dubbed world’s smartest helmet is now available for preorder, enabling you to ride in style, or more specifically, with with a heads-up . Feb 20- Skully, based in San Francisco, claims its P-helmet is the first motorbike helmet. Motorbikes just got safer: Smart helmet has inbuilt GPS, a live feed from a. Nicole Scherzinger flaunts her slender figure at UK X Factor . Aug 20- Many readers here have probably seen this video on a helmet called the AR-with a heads-up display (HUD) from a brand named Skully.

Skully Motorbike Helmet Gives You Eyes in the Back of Your Head (VIDEO). Nov 20- The Skully Pmotorcycle helmet’s heads-up display and integrated tech is far from ready, but it holds the promise to revolutionize both biker . The Shark S5Air Skully Motorbike Helmets are packed with features. Entry level SHARK, the S5Air says its personality and its racing spirit.