Speed camera jammer

There is no law as yet regarding the purchase of a Laser Jammer or the fitting of one on a motor. Thank you for your email about speed camera detectors. Feb 20- A man who fitted a device to his car to jam police speed cameras has been jailed for two months.

North Yorkshire Police discovered the laser jammer on Nigel Stephenson’s Jaguar after their equipment twice failed to capture his vehicle’s speed. May 20- The device interferes with the lasers used in police speed camera devices and stops. See how the Laser Star jammer park pro diffuser works . How do Laser Detectors Work,Stealth Jammers, blinder compact, detecting LIDAR.

LIDAR speed guns and speed cameras aren’t that goo but the spread is . This Police Laser Jammer is not actually marketed as a laser jammer. These are very important as quite often false statements and opinions circulate concerning radar detectors , GPS speed camera detectors and laser jammers.

Oct 20- A Porsche driver caught using a laser jammer to disable police speed guns has been banned in a landmark court ruling. May 20- A laser jammer found installed on his car meant the 68-year-old’s. Hi tech: Eric Craggs allegedly avoided speed cameras for four years. Dec 20- Presumably nothing works to prevent fixed cameras taking pictures (?).

Just wondering too how prevalent laser speed detection is; is this what . This Criminal but effective way to knock out Cash Grabbing Gatso Camera’s was. Laser Jammers should knock out the Speed reading operation- Jam Laser .