Supermoto tyres

Tyres designed specifically for Supermoto bikes, were initially only intended for racing, but their continual development has seen many race tyres progress to . The world number range in supermoto, developed with the best drivers in the category, for outstanding performance, . Designed for larger capacity supermoto bikes Distinctive tread pattern offers excellent performance in both on and off-road conditions. The Michelin Supermoto Slick is a Race Slick tyre offering riders: Excellent balance between grip and wear Maximum performance for your supermoto on the . All Goldspeed Rain tyres are ‘Estreetlegal’ for racing, track day and street fun even in wet and . The versatility of the Maxxis M61and M61Supermoto tyre speaks for itself. Kevlar belted construction ensures stability, while specially formulated . With a focus on advanced technology, we develop premium tyres that turn our lifelong customers’ passions into performance. Good all round tyre, ideal for first time supermoto rider and standard fit on many new models including the KTM LCrange.

Michelin Motorcycle Super Moto Motard SMR Rain Tires 11FRONT REAR SET!

Hi people,Need some tyre advice, what would you recommend for a KTM 5EXC supermoto conversion, i mainly ride on the road but plan to do some track . Dec 20- Maxxis Goldspeed Supermoto Tyres are imported into the UK by Triple A Racing. Information on the full product range together with contact . Alright dude how’s it going good to meet you Wednesday don’t know if you looked at my tyres. I’m running a maxxis wet front and a bridgestone . Big foot supermoto tyrespostsDec 2014Tyres – what would you choose out of.

Extraordinary light handling with outstanding grip and cornering stability 0° steel belt construction for high stability.

DIRT BIKE TO SUPERMOTO CONVERSION IN A LIVING ROOM – Duration: 9:18. High performance street-legal supermoto tire. Extraordinary light handling with outstanding grip and curve stability.

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