Thatcham category 2 immobiliser

Jun 20- Thatcham Category – electronic immobiliser. As long as the car has Category security status, adding an alarm with the above facets from . List of cars with insurance approved Thatcham category alarm or cat immobiliser factory fitted as standard.

Car insurers may request aftermarket fitting to . Thatcham category immobiliser for cars. Thatcham category – electronic immobiliser. Car alarms are not required as part of a category security system, but an immobiliser is. Cobra A85Thatcham Category Immobiliser.

GPS Car Tracker with GPRS and Vehicle Theft Protection System (Model:TK103A). Category (Cat) Immobilisers are Thatcham approved immobilisers and are an electronic device that cuts into one or more electronic circuits of the car.

Isolates a minimum of two operating circuits or systems. The Cobra A85Immobiliser is a touch key operate two circuit immobiliser, insurance approved to Thatcham Category status. Having a factory-fitte Thatcham-approved immobiliser will make your. What is a factory fitted immobiliser – and do I have one?

What does it mean when you say car alarms are Thatcham Approved? A Category (Cat 2) specifies a car immobiliser and a Category (Cat 1) means a car . Clifford Concept 650P Thatcham Category Alarm System INCLUDING.

Boot protection, battery back-up siren, twin circuit immobiliser, stage unlock and . Fitting a Thatcham-approved security system doesn’t guarantee that your car won’t. Turns a category approved immobiliser system into a category system. Jan 20- Thatcham states that, as long as your motorhome has a factory-fitted immobiliser, adding to it with what’s known as a Thatcham Category 2-1 . Car, van and motorcycle category immobiliser.

Lots of options to choose from; compact alarms if space is tight, special . The market leading Thatcham category approved combined alarm and dual circuit immobiliser. List of vans fitted with thatcham category immobiliser from Citroen, Fiat, For Hyundai, Isuzu, Iveco, LDV, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, . Most new vehicles are now fitted with the minimum protection of a Thatcham category immobiliser (see above), and in many cases an immobiliser and alarm. Fit a Thatcham category immobiliser to your vehicle make it secure.

Choose from Cobra 81or a Sterling Excel. Alarm system designed to upgrade your existing Thatcham Category immobilizer to full Category status.