Volvo on motability

Brand New Volvo VDCross Country Lux 5dr. TD DSE Lux Nav Estate 5dr – one of the vehicles available on the Motability Car Scheme.

Check out our range of Volvo Motability Cars available today with a number of flexible payment plans. Jan 20- We have had a Volvo XCon the scheme which is due to be. Motability beyond the cost of administration of a larger choice . Volvo XCmotability car front The XCis the only car in its class on the Scheme, the Audi Q BMW Xand Range Rover Evoque are all not available, the . Volvo Vmotability car The Volvo Vis a delightful looking car, both sleek and thoroughly modern, it needs to be as faces tough competition in the Audi A3 . F R F Motors is proud to offer Motability packages and offers in Swansea, across the entire Volvo range of cars.

Find out more about Motability Offers available from Marshall Motor Group Volvo in the UK.