Volvo xc60 boot liner

Made of textile and plastic, this reversible and foldable load mat is waterproof and fits perfectly into the cargo space making messy loads easy to transport. This an ANTI SLIP boot liner is made from high quality material, used to protect the boot. Buy VOLVO XCPROTECTIVE BOOT LINER at Amazon UK. Evolvestore brings an extensive selection of Volvo Xcparts and Volvo Xcaccessories. Visit our online store to view our range available at the mostĀ . Volvo XC(on) :roof bars, roof racks, bike carriers, car boot liners and accessories.

Volvo XC(20onwards) :Bike carrier information. Discover the range of available Volvo Accessories designed for everyday, stylish luxury and practicality. Add a ski holder or other Volvo load carrying accessories and away you go. The mat gives effective protection for the car’s interior against the wet and dirt. I have a 20model but can’t think that the boot configuration is any different.

The liner works fine only sometimes the auto tail gate closure does not work if theĀ . Our boot liner for the Volvo XC20onwards will precisely fit the boot of your car and features a 5. Transport pets or dirty and wet items in the load liner and avoid staining the load compartment of your car.