Weitec coilovers

With Weitec Suspension Technology you’ve probably got Germany’s most reasonable Suspension Kit Programme available to you – including excellent quality. The HICON GT Series features individual lowering in combination with sporty pre-set damping rates. WEITEC suspension strut with coilover adjustment on the front axle, GT sport dampers with grooved ring adjustable spring plates on the rear axle allow an.

Weitec Hicon GT Coilover Kit – Adjustable Ride Height, Fixed Rate Damping. Weitec Hicon GT Coilover Kits feature coilover front and rear damper units for fine adjustment of the ride height. Where rear suspension design does not allow for coilovers, alternative height adjustable. Weitec Suspension from Europerformance the UK’s No. Weitec suspension kits and coilovers available at great lower prices from DCPerformance.

Weitec Hicon GT Coilovers are height adjustable coilovers with fixed damping rates. The HICON GT Series features individual lowering in combination with .

AP OR WEITEC COILOVERS – posted in Skoda Fabia Mk I: so here it is, ive been trying to find out which kit is best for me , mainly for comfort as . The Weitec coilovers are height and damping adjustable where as the V3’s are height, rebound and compression adjustable. Hate the handling- understeer, wallowy over dips, bouncy etc etc! I’m very intersted in the eibach pro street s, but i’ve been looking at the weitec hicon GTs as well and the KW V1’s.

Bad noise coming from my front Weitec coilovers anyone shed some light on this? Which are better does anybody have any experience with either the weitec basic height adjustment kit is 3+ delivery but i’ve heard you have . Find best value and selection for your Weitec ST Coilovers ST XA Seat Ibiza IV 6L 6L8T FR Benzin 1KW search on eBay.

Weitec Hicon GT Coilovers on an ecoupe or used them at all, if so are they and good? Also, if you check the EMWeitec GT coilovers, they are about £750. Weitec GT HICON Coilover Adjustment – posted in Performance and Technical: Does anyone know how to adjust the ride height on the rear?

Nov 20- I’m just about to get some Weitec GT coilovers for my MK2. I buy them I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on any other . Jun 20- both are exactly the same money,i’ve never had coilovers on any of my. Between the two I’d say Weitec shocks and springs as I find the AP’s .