What planes are overhead

Jul 20- Plane Finder Free shows live moving planes on a worldwide map. Watch planes on the map or view with Augmented Reality mode. Sep 20- How you ever wondered where that jet flying overhead is going?

One of life’s little mysteries is now solved with Flight Rader which offers . Want to know what planes are flying overhead? Want to see your friends and family in the air? Whether you’re waiting for family to touchdown or you’re just curious about a plane flying overhead – Plane Finder lets you point your phone to the sky and . Sep 20- There’s not much you can do with the knowledge of what planes are flying overhea but it’s a lot of fun.

This FREE version of the most popular flight-tracking app turns your phone or tablet into an air traffic radar and lets you see airplane traffic around the world in . Mar 20- Case in point: Ask her, “What flights are above me?

She’ll bring up a list of all the in-progress flights above your . Jan 20- Have you ever heard or seen a plane overhead but couldn’t quite make out the livery? There is an easy way for iPhone owners to find out .