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Home Climbing Equipment Rock (Trad) Climbing Cams Wild Country Helium Friend – 20model. Radical overhaul of the Friend giving a lighter weight cam that stays true to the original Friend design principles of single stem and single axle, floating trigger and optimal 13. Like the very best of friends, Wild Country have thought of everything for the latest incarnation of their camming device.

The Wild Country Helium Friends are stronger, lighter and have a better range than older generation cams. The Helium is one of the most advanced camming . I really liked having the Friend sizes interleaving the Camalot sizes; a set. More to the point, Wild Country will no longer service the slings on . Wild Country new friends trigger rangepostsJun 2016Cam reslinging: will wild country resling other. Dec 2011Re-slinging FriendspostsFeb 2011Wildcountry website – Tech friend batch no.

Cams: BD Ultralight Cvs DMM Dragon vs Wild Country New.

WeighMyRack gives a quick rundown of the new Black Diamond . A Helium Friend with more range – a great improvement on a modern classic. The next stage in the Wild Country Friend’s evolution. The updated Wild Country Technical Friends offer the same good quality of design and construction but now feature important technical advances in strength, . Week is a remake of an absolute classic: The Wild Country New Friend. Save on 5+ cams and even more on sets!

Aug 20- The biggest news for the Ultralights is that they’re lighter, on average, than BD’s CCamalots (depending on the size the weight decrease is approximately 21-).

Worth noting: The strength of the Ultralight C4’s is kN less than the C4’s, making the Ultralights on. Jul 20- The Black Diamond Camalot Cis almost as legendary as the Wild Country Friend and it’s unusual to meet a climber who doesn’t own at least . Dec 20- Covers: Black Diamond Camalots, DMM 4CUs, DMM Dragons, Wild Country Helium Friends, Wild Country Zeros, Metolius Super Cams, . Wild Country Technical Friends stem cable failures. Think american style offwidth wrestling, or maybe Goliarth at Burbage.

Friend Red – 138mm 3g 14kN Friend Green 1- 194mm 53. May 20- Based on the original Frien Wild Country’s Technical Friends features solid construction and a classic design.